Easiest Way to Unclog A Disposable Vape

  1. Blow Through The Bottom Of Disposable Vape
  2. Why Do Vapes Clog?
  3. Why Does Blowing Through The Bottom Work?
  4. Didn’t Work? Try These Steps Instead.

Blow Through The Bottom Of Disposable Vape

The easiest and fastest way to unclog your disposable vape is to blow through the bottom! If the vape has a button, hold the button while blowing, however if there is no button, just blow through the bottom.

When you blow through the bottom, the light on the vape (if there is one) should turn on, this will indicate your coil is heating up and melting the clog!

Pro Tip: To prevent damaging your vape by doing this, try to blow gently and for short periods of time. If you get the coil too hot, you could burn your oil before the clog clears itself.

Why Do Disposable Vapes Clog?

Disposable delta-8 or cannabis vapes are prone to clogging. The main reason disposable vapes clog is oil gets built up in the center post, blocking any airflow from occurring. The more you smoke on your vape, the warmer the oil around the coil gets. As this oil gets warmer, combined with the force of you inhaling on the vape, it causes an excess of oil to make its way through the coil, and begin to build up in the center post.

Once this oil that has made its way into the coil begins to cools down, it gets hard. As you continue to vape, more and more oil begins to build up. Eventually causing the disposable to clog.

Why Does Blowing Through The Bottom Work?

If your vape has a button, it works best to just hold the button and inhale through the top of the vape until it unclogs. However, many disposable vapes these days do not have buttons.

If your vape does not have a button, but it is clogged, when you inhale through the top the vape, it never actually turns on. Vapes without buttons have a pressure sensor near the bottom of the vape, when you inhale the vape, it senses the pressure change and turns on the coil. But, if your vape is clogged the pressure never changes inside the vape, and the coil never turns on.

Blowing through the bottom of the disposable vape tricks the pressure sensor and causes the coil to turn on. When the coil turns on, whatever clog that has built up will begin to melt away. As the clog melts, mixed with the pressure from you blowing through the bottom, the vape should become unclogged.

You will know the vape is unclogged once you feel the air pressure blowing through the vape become much easier. You will also see smoke/vapor coming out the tip of the vape. Once this happens your vape is fixed and you can begin vaping it like normal once again.

Didn’t Work? Try These Steps Instead.

Some clogs are bigger than others, and not all disposable vapes work with a bottom pressure sensor. If this method did not work for you, please check out our more comprehensive guide below.

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