How To Fly With Vapes

  1. Can you bring a vape through TSA?
  2. Ask us how we know…
  3. What about flying with weed vapes?

Can you bring a vape through TSA?

As of the time of this writing, you most definitely can fly with a vape. These days, millions of travelers are boarding airplanes in the US after going through TSA checkpoints, and a very large number of those people are carrying a vape.

TSA actually lays out the rules pretty clearly. If you’d like to bring a vape on board, it must be stored on your person or in your carry-on luggage. Just like other electronics with batteries, airline officials require that these types of devices stay within the pressurized passenger cabin. One could assume that drastic changes in temperature or pressure could cause a malfunction with the battery or wiring, leading to a much bigger problem for everyone on board. So, in the name of safety, your vape needs to go in your pocket, handbag, or carry on bag. It’s that simple.

Ask us how we know…

Not only did we refer to the official TSA guidelines, but we also know because we actually do it, ALL THE TIME. As members of the vaping industry, we travel by air while carrying vapes of all types literally dozens of times each year.

In fact, we once took a trip while carrying a bag containing nearly 500 vapes. Just like the rest of our carry-on luggage, this bag went through the scanner and came out the other side, all clear.

What about flying with Weed Vapes?

When it comes to flying with Hemp or Cannabis vapes, the rules are a little bit less clear. While it’s unlikely that any vape will cause you an issue while passing through security, if you do happen to get stopped or questioned, and the state you are in or are flying to considers these compounds to be illegal, you could theoretically end up in some trouble. However, many cannabis consumers travel with their herbal stash regularly without issue, and TSA has made statements supporting the idea that they are probably not working to bust you for personal use amounts of substances. Ultimately, that one is your call.

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